Car Washer Information

Car Washer Information

Establishing the Bridge that Connects You with Customers

Once you are signed up as a car washer/detailer, you will automatically appear to customers in the cities you registered for. You can choose your own pricing and your own schedule. Connecting with customers has never been easier!

Car Washer Information

Customize your

Your portfolio is what a customer can see, you can add a brief description of your work, a profile picture, and images of your past work for customers to look through.

Car Washer Information

Choosing Services

During registration you can choose any service that you can provide. You choose the time it will take to complete each service, as sell as price. You choose your own schedule and time that you are available to wash cars, and connect with customers, making scheduling jobs easy!

Growing Your Business

As a car washer/detailer on HYT Services, you have the freedom to charge customers what you seem fit for the services you provide. We value your skills and knowledge therefore you choose the cost of each job. We only take 15% of the job after it is completed.

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