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HYT Service Guarantee

HYT Service Guarantee

A job will not be considered complete until you are fully satisfied, and all tasks agreed upon by you and the service provider are complete. Customer Service is our # 1 priority, we will reply to all questions and resolve all issues as fast as possible. We will make sure all concerns are addressed, and you have the best experience using our platform.

HYT Service Guarantee

Safety is our top priority

We make sure all Licenses are up to date, we conduct background checks on all unlicensed handymen, and we have trustworthy reviews so you can submit your job rest assured. No customer information will ever be given to a service provider. Your address will only be shown to the service provider whose quote you have accepted.

HYT Service Guarantee

Everything in one Platform

Finding a professional, booking your service, and getting your job completed is all done seamlessly through our platform. We remove the unnecessary headache of contacting different individuals by providing a platform that connects you to many different professionals in your area.

HYT Service Guarantee

Paying the Professional

After the job has been completed, and you are fully satisfied with the job, you pay the customer through our app using the secure Stripe payment gateway.

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